Special show with Lipizzan horses and special guests from Andalusia: CORDOBA ECUESTRE

Kobilarna Lipica, 20. 7. 2018, 21. 7. 2018, 22. 7. 2018, 24. 7. 2018, 27. 7. 2018, 28. 7. 2018, 29. 7. 2018

Special equestrian guests from Cordoba – riders and flamenco dancers from Cordoba Ecuestre are coming to Lipica again!

Together with white Lipizzan stallions and riders of the Lipica Stud Farm, ten fiery stallions from Cordoba will perform and create the atmosphere of Andalusia. This is where the first Spanish horses came from, soon after the founding of the Lipica Stud Farm in 1580. This is one of the most important chapters of the amazing story of the creation of the Lipizzan horse breed.


Adults: 23 € per person
Students: 18 € per person
Children and students (from 6 to 18 years old): 12 € per person
Children (up to 5 years of age): 1 € per person
Family ticket (up to 3 children, up to 2 adults): 59 €

The admission to the show and visit to the Stud Farm includes:

  •         guided or independent tour of the stud farm
  •         admission to the show
  •         unlimited access to the grounds of the stud farm during the opening hours 
  •         visit to the oldest stable – Velbanca where representatives of all the classical lines of Lipizzan stallions can be seen
  •         visit to the Lipikum Lipizzan Museum
  •         visit to the Carriage Museum
  •         visit to the Avgust Černigoj Art Gallery
  •         access to the historic centre with the Manor
  •         access to the Karst House
  •         access to the Valley of Our Lady of Lourdes and the Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua
  •         access to the pastures, tree avenues, parks and walking paths (about 5 km long)
  •         access to other natural and historic highlights of Lipica (the pond, ice-pit, well, dry stone wall…).

Children under 15 years of age can only visit the stud farm if accompanied by an adult – a parent or caretaker.

Don't miss the shows on:

20. July at 15.00

21. July at 11.00

22. July at 15.00

24. July at 15.00

27. July at 15.00

28. July at 11.00

29. July at 15.00

Information and reservations for groups:

T: +386 5 739 1696
E: info@lipica.org

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