Organised groups

Announced groups of 20 and more visitors are entitled to a discount for the visit of the Stud Farm Lipica.

  • Organized groups are recommended to announce their arrival ahead of time and to make arrangements regarding the tour time. 
  • Groups are advised to plan their arrival at Lipica 30 minutes before the booked tour time, as traffic congestion is possible, in particular during the peak tourist season. For the sake of tour organization, organized travel groups are kindly requested to assemble at the entrance to Lipica no later than 15 minutes before the tour to avoid any inconveniences because of delays.
  • Entrance tickets are available on the cash-desk (located close to the main entrance of the stud farm) and have to be collected 15 min before the tour starts. In case of your delay the next tour is possible at first available hour. 
  • The guide and the driver who accompanied the group are entitled to free ticket (maximum 2 tickets per bus). Free tickets are not transferable.