• The Lipica Stud Farm prepares a new show, 8. 11. 2017

    The Lipica Stud Farm prepares a new show

    With the enhanced training team and the renovation of the riding hall, a new and unique experience with the white Lipizzaners is being created at the Lipica Stud Farm, which will be premiered on Sunday the 3rd of December.
  • Lipica, 3. 10. 2017

    A change of timetable of official training - during the renovation of riding hall in October 2017

    We inform our visitors that the timetable of the official training will be changed during the renovation of the riding hall in October 2017. The official trainig will be available on 5th, 6th, 21st, 24th and 26th October, for organised groups also on other days, upon prior arrangement. We thank you for your understanding.
  • Lipica, 12. 9. 2017

    A Record Number of Competitors at the World Championships in Lipica

    The opening ceremony of the FEI World Driving Championships for Pairs will take place on Wednesday, 20th September, at 16:00 at the renovated hippodrome in Lipica. The medal ceremonial is scheduled for Sunday, 24th of September, at 16:00.
  • Lipica, 4. 9. 2017

    The Most Beautiful Lipizzaners and Andalusians – Stars of the Renovated Hippodrome

    Our white Lippizzaners and the temperamental Andalusians of the Cordoba Ecuestre association delighted the numerous visitors of the Day of Lipica Stud Farm with a joint show of the Airs above the ground.
  • Lipica, 17. 8. 2017

    For the First Time at the Renovated Hippodrome – a Spectacle of Lipizzaners and “Cordoba Ecuestre”

    A highlight of the Day of Lipica Stud Farm celebration on Sunday the 3rd of September will be an unforgettable equestrian spectacle at the opening of the renovated hippodrome in Lipica. White Lipizzaners and passionate Andalusian horses of the Cordoba Ecuestre association will perform together for the first time with live orchestral accompaniment.
  • Lipica, 2. 8. 2017

    Dalibor Gregor and his love for Lipizzaners - 7.000 kilometres on the road

    After ten years, the famous Czech photographer Dalibor Gregor is coming back to Lipica and other Lipizzaner stud farms with his new project Czech Lipizzan Expedition 2017His first photography project Czech Lipizzan Expedition 2007 resulted in the book Lipizzaners and pocket book Lipizzaners – our love. He also immortalised the beauty, elegance, and nobility of Lipizzaners in a photo exhibition.
  • Lipica, 7. 7. 2017

    Slovenian Team Preparing for the World Championships under the Direction of Well-renowned French Coach Benjamin Aillaud

    The Slovenian team of drivers, which will take part in the World Driving Championships for Pairs in Lipica in September, is these days intensively preparing for its biggest and most important competitive challenge this year. Miha Tavčar, Mitja Mahorčič, and Klemen Turk are enhancing their readiness, team connection, and positive atmosphere under the direction of the official coach of the Slovenian team – a well-renowned French coach and competitor in four-in-hand carriage driving.
  • Lipica, 4. 7. 2017

    The Grand Opening of the New Playground in Lipica

    With the help of Adriatic Slovenica insurance company, Lipica Stud Farm constructed a new playground in Lipica Park – AS Club Corner. The grand opening of the playground and the accompanying events took place on Sunday, 2 July.
  • Lipica, 22. 6. 2017

    The World Driving Championship for Pairs on a New Hippodrome in Lipica

    From the 20th to the 24th of September, the best riders from all over the world with more than 200 top horses will compete for the world champion title at the renovated hippodrome at the Lipica Stud Farm. The renovation is continuing at full speed and the Lipica hippodrome will soon be the most modern and attractive hippodrome in the wider region.
  • Lipica, 8. 6. 2017

    Bill Murray’s Adventure Day in Lipica

    American film actor and comedian Bill Murray yesterday experienced the adrenaline of the “horse rally” – a drive with a racing tandem. With a pair of white Lipizzaners and with the help of Lipica’s drivers, he drove several hell-for-leather laps with a racing carriage.