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The daily schedule is valid from 7.6.2022 to 1.7.2022
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Guided tour
Guided tour
Guided tour
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Daily schedule

Acquiring a Lipizzan

Terms and conditions for the acquisition of a Lipizzan horse

Before bid submission or prior to the takeover of the Lipizzan horse, the prospective owner is to confirm that he/she will comply with the obligations, and that he/she is familiar with and fulfils all the prescribed conditions, namely:

  • meets all the standard conditions for accommodation and well-being of horses,
  • he/she must care for the horse with all due diligence,
  • he/she must ensure adequate pasture space or a suitable running area for the horse on a daily basis, and take care of its well-being,
  • he/she must provide regular health care,
  • the horse should not be used in a way which can reduce its medical fitness.
Advantages for the buyer of a Lipizzan horse from Lipica

The buyer or the new owner of a Lipizzan horse from Lipica becomes a partner of the Lipica Stud Farm; therefore, the Lipica Stud Farm will offer or provide him/her with:

  • professional advice on horse breeding,
  • advice on all matters related to horse ownership.
Additional advantages for the new owner of a Lipizzan horse from Lipica
  • The Lipica Stud Farm puts the owner on the list of “Lipizzan friends”, upon his/her prior consent,
  • the owner can, once a year, visit the stud farm – during for the period in which he/she will be the owner of the horse,
  • the owner is invited to certain professional events at the Lipica Stud Farm during the period in which he/she will be the owner of the horse.

Note: we reserve the right to change the horse sale process.

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