Carriage driving

Carriage driving capability is one of the traditional characteristics of a Lipizzan horse. In the past, carriage driving in the Lipica Stud Farm was more or less intended for the preparation and training of young mares. Horse-drawn carriages of the stud farm participated in performances of the Riding School of Lipica and different events.

In the last century the Lipica Stud Farm has been teaching carriage driving as a competitive equestrian discipline. Thus the Stud Farm has joined the stud farms and Lipizzan breeding organisations which achieve top competition results with their horses at driving competitions of single, pair and four-in-hand horse-drawn carriages. This equestrian discipline is becoming increasingly important also at the national level. Obviously, it is not surprising that carriages drawn by Lipizzan horses prevail among horse-drawn carriages achieving increasingly good results.

Carriage driving competitions are organised in accordance with international rules and the conditions of the Equestrian Association of Slovenia as one, two or three-day competitions. Principally, horses compete in three groups of tasks – dressage, marathon and cones.