Equestrian Association of Slovenia

It is the umbrella equestrian organisation in the Republic of Slovenia. It has also been a member of FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) – the international equestrian organisation since 1991. It ensures the development of the equestrian sport in four equestrian disciplines: show jumping, dressage riding, carriage-driving and endurance competition.

The Equestrian Association of Slovenia (KZS) joins equestrian clubs, societies, breeding associations and tourist farms with equestrian activity. It has currently 62 members. Thirty members (competition clubs) participate in the show jumping competition and dressage riding, whereas other 32 members (societies, breeding associations, and tourist farms) deal in endurance and leisure riding.

Equestrian Association of Slovenia
Celovška 25
1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 1 434 72 65,  +386 1 434 72 64
F: +386 1 434 72 65
E: kzs@konj-zveza.si
W: http://www.konj-zveza.si/