Festival of European Stud Culture

Marbach State Stud, Germany, 3. 7. - 6. 7. 2014
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Lipica Classical Riding School will take part at the Festival of European Stud Culture at the Marbach State Stud, Germany, on July 4th and 5th 2014. The festival will celebrate the 500th jubilee of the Marbach State Stud and the 25th anniversary of the fall of the iron curtain.

Lipica Stud Farm will be presented by the following riders:

  • Miran Mavec with 275 Maestoso Betalka XXVI
  • Miro Dragič with 274 Favory Steaka XX
  • Neja Kogoj in the side-saddle with  202 Neapolitano Graciosa III
  • Fabrizia Percacci in the side-saddle with 119 Favory Graciosa I.

The Lipica Classical riding School Quadrille will be lead by the Head Trainer Dušan Mezgec with the precious assistance of Elke Potucek-Puscha for the side-saddle riding.

The festival of European Stud Culture will be organised by the European State Studs Association, connecting 30 of the most renowned horse breeding institutions in Europe.

As a hommage to the 500th jubilee of Marbach - the oldest European State Stud - already on July 3rd the directors of the ESSA partner studs will hold their annual conference at Marbach. On July 4th and 5th guided tours around the Marbach stud premises and a symposium about European Stud Culture will be on offer. Notable speakers are expected to refer about the equestrian heritage of Europe and the role of the state studs today and in future.

The “Marbach Classics” promise to become a highlight in the celebration year of Marbach. Around 50 horses and employees from the ESSA partner studs will populate the Marbach stud premises during the first week of July and train together with the Marbach protagonists for a very special show programme that will be performed on July 4th and 5th at 20.30 in the large stud arena to the live music of the Württemberg Philharmonic Orchestra.

For the first time horses, riders and drivers from the most renowned horse breeding institutions of Europe including Lipica Stud Farm and the Spanish Riding School will gather in one gala‐show. Baroque Lipizzaners, precious Oldkladrubers, spirited Pure Bred Arabians, mighty coldbloods and noble sport horses will take the audience on a journey through 500 years of history and through the European horse world.


Photogalery - arrival to Marbach

Syposium programme