Christmas Ball at the Croatian National Stud Farm Đakovo

Đakovo, Croatia, 16. 12. 2017, 17:00, 20:00
For families and childrenFor individuals

On Saturday, 16 December, the white Lipizzaners and riders from Lipica Classical Riding School will appear as special guests at the Christmas Ball organised by the Croatian National Stud Farm Đakovo. They will collaborate with their hosts to present the story of the royal Lipizzaner in a musical spectacle.

This will be their fourth visit in as many years in the spirit of collaboration between European national stud farms that breed Lipizzaners, which Lipica Stud Farm supports as the original Lipizzaner stud farm and as a member of the Lippizan International Federation. One of these Lipizzaner stud farms is the Croatian National Stud Farm Đakovo, which was established in 1506 and has been breeding Lipizzaners for the last two centuries.


More information: National Stud Farm Đakovo