A Tale of Lipica Show

Lipica Stud Farm, 30. 12. 2017, 15.00
For families and childrenFor individuals

The new show narrates a story of love, pride and beauty, which began on the green estate of Lipica over 400 years ago. This is a story of exceptional heritage, the white Lipizzaner and its connection to the rider.

We invite you to experience the elegance of our white horses and listen to the universal language of beauty.

Welcome to Lipica!


  • Adults: 23,00€ per person
  • Students: 18,00 € per person
  • Children from 6 to 18 years: 12,00 € per person
  • Children under 5 years: 1,00 € per person
  • Family ticket: (up to 3 children, up to 2 adults): 59,00 €

    Reservations for individual guests are not needed. 

    Dogs are not allowed in the riding hall.

    Photography / filming is not allowed in the riding hall. 

    More information and reservation for groups:

    T: ++386 (0)5 739 1696

    E: info@lipica.org