Carriage Driving Competition for the Slovenia Cup

Lipica, 20. 5. 2018
For families and childrenFor individuals

The best Slovenian drivers at the first competition for the Slovenia Cup in 2018. Relaxed atmosphere and exciting performances at the Lipica hippodrome.

Dressage and cones driving competition.


9.00: Dressage driving competition

Followed by cones driving competition

Early-bird tickets

Driving competition is part of the Day of the Lipizzan Horse programme. You can get your early-bird tickets for the Day of the Lipizzan horse at

Day of the Lipizzan horse tickets

  •   15 € adults
  •    5 € children 6 – 18 years
  •    1 € children up to 5 years
  •    36 € family ticket

For all those who will visit the protected park Lipica with a motor vehicle, there will be an entrance fee for the motor vehicle.



T: ++386 (0)5 739 1696



Foto: Sibil Slejko