Photographs of Lipizzan horses on a prestigious exhibition in Kuwait

Kuwait, 2. 2. - 6. 2. 2014
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Photographs of Lipizzaner horses from the Lipica Stud Farm, taken by the Slovene photographer Alenka Slavinec, will be on show at the Kuwait Museum of Modern Art from Februar 2nd till February 6th. The exposition Love in us will be opened on the occasion of the 3rd International Arabian Horse Show in Kuwait.

The nobleness and exceptional beauty of the Lipizzaner enchanted Alenka Slavinec already in winter of the year 2010 when she took the photograps of the Lipizzaner in rainy and foggy winter days, revealing a new, hidden image of the Lipica estate.

Dedicating her photos to the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Slovenia, in the following years her exhibition was admired by art and horse lovers in Washington, New York, Chicago, Milano, Belgrade, Budapest,  Ljubljana, Maribor – European Capital of Culture and in Lipica.

This time the author wanted to present more than 430-year-long tradition of breeding the Lipizzaner horses in the Slovene State Stud Farm Lipica side by side with the exceptional beauty, nobleness and tradition of breeding the Arabian horse in the Kuwait State Stud Farm Bed Al Arab, with the exhibition “Love in us”.

The opening of this exhibition is also an opportunity to put emphasis on the connection between the Lipizzaner and Arabian horse, with the emphasis on the role of the Arabian horse in the formation of the Lipizzaner breed, together with the horses of the Spanish and Italian origin as well as the Karst horses, for centuries bred in the Karst region of Slovenia where the Lipica Stud Farm is located.

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