Karst Gmajna Festival - a hike between white Lipizzan horses and Karst walls to the magnificent Vilenica cave

Lipica, Vilenica, 25. 5. 2019, 10:00-14.00
For families and childrenFor individuals

The Karst gmajna is one of the oldest cultural landscapes and one of the richest natural habitats in Europe and beyond. The Karst Gmajna Festival is dedicated to this exceptional landscape. It is a unique festival of natural and heritage tourism, which offers visitors various activities and experiences of natural and cultural heritage, as well as folk wisdom and knowledge.

On Saturday, May 25th, at 10 am, we will head for the most beautiful tree-avenues and green pastures of Lipica, the home of more than 300 white Lipizzan horses.

We will continue our guided walk in the midst of the Karst landscape, between the dry stone walls. During this pleasant gathering, the path will lead us to the cave of Vilenica, where the guides of the Sežana Caving Club will take us to the magical Karst underworld.

After the guided tour of the Vilenica cave and the experience of the underground heart of the Karst, we will return to Lipica, which will be especially attractive on the day of the hike, in the spirit of wonderful horses and dressage riding competition. Thus, the walk will combine two unique experiences: the spring experience of the first Stud farm with the Lipizzan horses in the world and the exceptional beauty of Vilenica, the first tourist cave in Europe.


  • Adults: 14 €
  • Children (6-18 years): 7 €
  • Children up to 5 years: 1 €
  • Family ticket (up to 3 children, up to 2 adults): 33 €
  • Start of the hike: at the entrance to the Lipica Stud Farm

    Duration: approx. 4 hours

    Difficulty: easy

    Participants: Lipica Stud Farm, Sežana Caving Club

    Information and registration: 

    E: info@lipica.org, T: +386 (0)5 7391 696

    The organizers and initiators of the festival are: Lipica Stud Farm, Škocjan Caves Park, Komenski Kras Public Institute, Tourist Information Center Sežana, Divača Development Center, Jerbas.

    Photo: Gabriele Boiselle / Edition Boiselle, Sežana Caving Club
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