Lipica, 3. 3. 2014

Organiser of this year's Mister International contest Jung-Hoon Jun visited Lipica

Mister Slovenia Jure Rugani and Jung-Hoon Jun, licence owner for the Mister South Corea for Mister International beauty contest visited Lipica Stud Farm. Jung-Hoon Jun will organise this year's biggest international beauty contest for men Mister International, taking place in Seul. Both of them were charmed by the Lipizzaner breeding stallions in the Velbanca stable. They admired the beautiful stallion 209 Neapolitano Monteaura XIX. Accompanied by the licence owner for the Mister Slovenia contest Erik Ferfolja and event co-manager Nina Uršič they also visited also Lipikum – Musem of the Lipizzaner.