Ravne, 13. 10. 2014

EAGALA seminary - on equine assisted psychotherapy and personal growth

Lipica Stud Farm dislocated unit Ravne, where young Lipizzaner stallions are bred, hosted a group of psychotherapists and participants of an educational seminary of EAGALA - Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.

The EAGALA method offers an innovative approach to equine assisted personal growth and learning.

The leading components of the EAGALA method are:

  • team work – team members are a horse-expert, a therapist, horses and clients,
  • solution focused approach,
  • ground work with horses (not riding),
  • experience-based approach.

EAGALA develops and promotes equine assisted psychotherapy and personal growth as well as corporate activities. The EAGALA method includes also experience-based work with horse herds. The horses' task is only to »be horses«, so they need enough space to move freely and react to people. Horses are very sensible, they reflect the inner processes of human psyche, enabling an insight into the unconscious, explained the coordinator of the seminary Ana Bordjan.

The group of psychotherapists and other participants from USA, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium participated at the EAGALA seminary, organised by the Slovene institute Belmondo.  

The contact with two herds of young stallions and the herd of »retired« horses in the vast pastures of Ravne was a remarkable experience, the guests explained.