Djakovo State Stud Farm, Croatia, 22. 12. 2014

Selected stallions and riders from Lipica were the special guests of the Djakovo winter ball

Selected stallions and riders of the Lipica Classical Riding School were the special guests of this year’s winter ball of the Djakovo State Stud Farm on December 20th.

Being the original stud farm of the Lipizzaner horse breed and a member of the Lipizzan International Federation, Lipica supports the cooperation between European state stud farms. The Croatian state stud farm Djakovo has got an important role among them, with a horse breeding tradition dating back to the year 1506 and with a 200-year long tradition of breeding Lipizzaner horses.

At the "A Winter Night's Dream" show  Lipica Stud Farm riders and stallions presented themselves in two numbers: the school above the ground and the solo presentation of a highly trained Lipizzaner stallion.

Lead by the trainers Dušan Mezgec and Marjan Turk the riders Marko Blokar, Miro Dragič, Iztok Jelušič, Gregor Lisjak, Miran Mavec in Boris Placer presented themselves with the Lipizzaner stallions 344 Siglavy Batosta XXII, 119 Favory Graciosa II, 282 Siglavy Capriola XXV, 287 Maestoso Graciosa II, 426 Maestoso Graciosa II and 204 Maestoso Canissa XXII.

This is why the Djakovo winter ball represented also an opportunity to further improve and deepen the cooperation between both state stud farms.