Lipica, 11. 4. 2015

Visit from Lipik – a town that lives for its Lipizzaners

The Croatian town of Lipik lives for its Lipizzaners, just as Lipica does. But their story is different. During the war in 1991 the Lipizanners from Lipik were taken to Serbia, where many died because of starvation, diseas and negligence. After 16 years of “captivity” the horses returned to Lipik in 2007.

The municipality of Lipik is now elaborating new development strategies, based on heritage preservation, breeding of the Lipizzaners and tourism. The representatives of the Lipik and the Lipik development agency, led by the mayor Vinko Kasana, visited Lipica today. The conclusion after their visit was that Lipica can be a role model for Lipik.

The main reason for this is that Lipica Stud Farm managed to preserve its historical core and cultural heritage, while the Lipik Stud Farm, established in 1843, in the last decades lost the ownership of its stable and pastures, in spite of its status of a state stud farm. This is why new stables for the Lipizzaners in Lipik will be built.