Bile, 29. 7. 2015

The Slovenian Armed Forces and Colorado National Guard renovated the stable at Bile

Young horses from the Lipica Stud Farm used to be bred in dislocated units of the Stud Farm for centuries. One of them was the Bile estate, mentioned in the historical sources already in the 18th century.

After World War II the Lipica Stud Farm lost Bile and other dislocated units. Nowadays the Bile estate is a part of the central polygon of the Slovene Armed Forces. Part of the former stable for the Lipizzaners was renovated and reconstructed in June and July by the Slovene Armed Forces and the Colorado National Guard.

The State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia mag. Miloš Bizjak and the American Ambassador in Slovenia Mr. Brent Hartley took part in the opening ceremony on July 29th. The renovation and reconstruction was supported by a 193.000-dollar worth grant of the USA government, through the framework of the Exercise Related Constructions Programme. This programme finances multinational military exercises related building and reconstruction projects.

The renovation and reconstruction works were carried out with full respect for the status of a cultural value of the former stable.


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