Lipica, 22. 5. 2016

The Day of the Lipizzaner – a Remarkable Tribute to Lipica and its Lipizzaners’ 436-yearlong Heritage

Lipizzaner beauty, elegance and nobility impressed a large number of visitors to the Day of the Lipizzaner organised by Lipica Stud Farm and the Slovenian Lipizzaner Breeding Association to mark the 436th anniversary of the establishment of Lipica Stud Farm and its birthing of Lipizzaner Breeding.

It was on 19 May 1580 that Archduke of Austria Charles II of the House of Habsburg, son of Emperor Ferdinand I, bought the estate at Lipica off the Bishop of Trieste, laying the foundation for Lipica Stud Farm’s future.

Boštjan Bizjak, Acting Director of Lipica Stud Farm, welcomed the excited crowd in his opening address and pointed out: “It’s important that we do everything we possibly can to preserve Lipica and the Lipizzaner for our children and grandchildren as Slovenian national treasure and source of pride for at least another 436 years.”

Marko Avšič, President of the Slovenian Lipizzaner Breeding Association, pointed out the Association’s important role in linking together Slovenia’s private Lipizzaner breeders whilst the many visitors were impressed by Lipizzaner dressage and carriage driving performances.

The Lipica Classical Riding School attracted a great deal of attention with their most demanding dressage performances, including the spectacular jumps and pas de deux of two white stallions. The Slovenian Lipizzaner Breeding Association and Krumperk Educational & Research Centre’s riders spoke of Lipizzaner popularity amongst private breeders and horse lovers, whilst Ljubljana Mounted Police Station Officers praised Lipizzaner versatility and fearlessness in the carrying out of police duties.

Special guests at today’s celebration were Andreas and Ute Matern, a couple who bought four Lipizzaners in Slovenia a few years ago and their making of a 600 km journey from Slovenia to Germany in 2013. Their journey lasted 23 days and was made in a carriage driven by these four horses. This year, for this special occasion, they brought their horses from Gorenjska to Lipica. Andreas Matern stressed that credit for this astonishing feat should not reflect on them, but on their horses bred in Slovenia: “We are proud of our Lipizzaners!”

The presentations on harnessing, shoeing and carriage driving, children’s creative workshops and workshops with ponies, guided tours of the stud farm, and a varied all-day programme proved, once again, that the Day of the Lipizzaner is one of Lipica Stud Farm’s most popular events.