Lipica, 31. 5. 2016

At Lipica, Horses Come First. The Rest Is Just Part of Their Story.

“Lipizzaner horses will remain Lipica Stud Farm’s main priority,” attendees at yesterday’s press conference were assured by Lipica Stud Farm Acting Manager Lorela Dobrinja and Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek.

“The development of other activities should continue, mainly because of their complementary nature – they go hand in hand with each other. This is extremely important for any activity, but particularly for those of public importance, as they enable the further development of basic activities, in our case, horse riding and breeding. We need these extra activities to ensure that our horses’ story can continue to be developed and told, that they have a future,” said Lorela Dobrinja, who took on the position of Lipica Stud Farm’s Acting Manager last week, the first woman to do so in Lipica’s 436-year history.

“The heart of Lipica remains the same as it has been throughout its history – horses, the development of their breeding and riding. The rest is just part of their story, offering further possibilities for developing the destination and preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Slovenia,” stressed Dobrinja, announcing this as the first task that needs to be addressed at Lipica: “The high season is right around the corner, so we have to ensure that we are ready for it. I feel that the global situation is in our favour, all we need to do is have the right story and know how to market it appropriately and aggressively.”

“In order to achieve this, of priority is the elimination of the current division between Lipica Stud Farm, a public institution, and Lipica turizem d.o.o., a corporate entity, which gives guests the impression that Lipica is fragmented. Uniting the two entities will enhance Lipica’s status as a friendly, interesting and attractive destination, and one of Slovenia’s three pillars of tourism along with Bled and Postojna Cave,” said Minister Počivalšek.

To this end, Lipica Stud Farm will work with Lipica turizem d.o.o. and the local community. The operations of the public institute and the corporate entity will be appropriately organised to ensure that no money is transferred from the public to the private sector.

Minister Počivalšek announced that the proposal for the definitive organisation of both entities would be ready in less than six months. He assured attendees that Lipica Stud Farm is not at risk of privatisation and that the process of adding it to the UNESCO Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage is still under way.