Brasilia, 21. 6. 2016

Brazilian Stamp with Slovenian Lipizzaner Motif Launched for Olympic Games

On the 25th Anniversary of the Republic of Slovenia’s Independence, the Brazilan Postal Service, Correios do Brasil, launches commemorative stamps with white Slovenian Lipizzaner and brown Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador horse motifs as part of their Diplomatic Relations Series.

The stamps will be officially presented at today’s Statehood Day Reception organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia at the Legislative Assembly’s exhibition venue in Brasilia; an exhibition entitled ‘I Feel Slovenia. I Feel 25.’ opens concurrently.

The Brazilian Postal Service will issue 600,000 copies of each stamp, available at all major city post offices in Brazil. The stamp’s value is BRL 3.55, i.e. enough to send a letter or postcard to Slovenia, or any other European country by ordinary mail.

Upon issuance of the commemorative stamp, the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Brasilia, the Brazilian Postal Service and Lipica Stud Farm, which contributed the photograph of the Lipizzaner depicted on the stamp, are also proud to announce a brochure in Portuguese and English presenting the history of Slovenia and its Lipizzaner breed of horses.

The stamp will be available at Brazilian post offices from tomorrow. Slovenians and other European visitors to the Olympic Games, taking place in Rio de Janeiro between the 5th and 21st August, are thus invited to stick the stamp with its motif of a white Slovenian Lipizzaner on their postcards and letters, and preserve charm and value in the digital age.

They will thus have a very special memory of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, not only as the first Olympic Games in South America, but also as the first Olympic Games accompanied by a stamp with a Lipizzaner motif.

The Lipizzaner is a native Slovenian horse breed and a source of national pride, whilst the Mangalarga Marchador is a native Brazilian horse breed valued for its beauty, intelligence, endurance and versatility.