Lipica, 28. 6. 2016

Lipica Stud Farm is Hosting a Mini World Driving Championship

Starting on Thursday, 30 June, the World Cup international driving competition at Lipica Stud Farm will see a record participation of over 70 drivers with more than 200 horses from 13 countries.

The best drivers from Argentina, Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Slovenia will start the competition with Dressage Driving in the Lipica hippodrome on Thursday at 13:30, continuing on Friday at 9:00.

The most difficult, daring, and attractive event, the Marathon through the Lipica estate, is scheduled for Saturday at 10:00. The most demanding part of the event will be the drive through seven marathon hazards made from natural materials, including an attractive water hazard and a Karst stone hazard.

The final event, Obstacle Cone Driving, is scheduled for Sunday, 3 July, at 10:00 and will decide the winners in the singles, pairs, and four-in-hand categories, as well as the pony category.

This attractive, popular event, known among the drivers as the Adrenaline Days, will also serve as the dress rehearsal for the Driving World Championship organised by Lipica Stud Farm from 20 to 24 September 2017 – the largest and most important equestrian competition in Slovenia to date.

It is no surprise, then, that Bram Chardon (the Netherlands), the grand winner of the Pony Driving World Championship in 2011, will appear in Lipica again, now competing with a team of four to win some World Cup points. Also returning to Lipica is last year's winner in Pair Driving and a member of the gold-winning Hungarian team from the 2015 World Championship, Jozsef Dobrovitz Jr. (Hungary).

Another well-prepared, ambitious competitor is the Lipica Stud Farm driver, Miha Tavčar, who placed an excellent 4th in the Marathon at the 2013 World Championship and was ranked 11th overall – the best result achieved by a Slovenian driver. Last year, Tavčar won the Skill Driving and placed 4th overall in Lipica; he and his Lipizzaners are sure to show another excellent performance this year.

Lipica Stud Farm and Slovenia will also be represented by another World Championship participant, Mitja Mahorčič, as well as drivers Klemen Turk and Marko Memon. The medium category will include further four Slovenian drivers: Andrej Glažer, Janez Peternel, Damjan Ščuka, and Robert Vrhovnik.

A special offer will be available for tickets to see these top performances at the Adrenaline Days.


Foto: Sibil Slejko