Lipica, 2. 7. 2016

A Hot Marathon Day at FEI CAI3* Driving Competition at Lipica

The marathon of the international driving competition at Lipica took place under tropical circumstances today. It was around 35 degrees, but all horses finished without any problems.

Horse Pairs

Jozsef Dibak was in second and third position before the marathon, but started too late with his second pair so he will be the first and one to last starter tomorrow. Claudio Fumagalli managed to keep his leading position despite a few hickups, but he will have to stay clear tomorrow in order to win the competition. Hungary's Norbert Kákonyi put down the best performance in the Horse Pairs marathon today. The best Slovenian conmpetitor was the Lipica Stud Farm driver Miha Tavčar in the 8th place.


Cristiano Cividini is also still in the lead after two phases, but the difference between him and the marathon winner Katalin Nyúl is less than a ball. Switzerland's Eric Renaud finished second in the marathon at some distance to Nyúl, who managed to put down four best times in the obstacles.

Horse Fours

József Dobrovitz drove a very good marathon and put down top-three times in six out of seven obstacles. Dobrovitz herewith passed his son in the standings, but the difference between these two top drivers is only 0,72 points, which will guarantee an exciting competition tomorrow. Dressage winner Jiri Nesvacil finished third, followed by István Váczi with minimum difference.

Carlo Mascheroni put down a very good performance in Lipica. Mascheroni was asked by the OC to start in the four-in-hand class instead of the pairs class to have enough competitors for the World Cup Qualification. The 76-year-old enthusiastic driver borrowed two leader horses from Dobrovitz and managed to put down nice performances in dressage and marathon.


Vilmos Jámbor won the marathon and has extended his lead to his two opponents even more, which puts him in a very comfortable position before the cones.
Karl Cvörnjek decided to withdraw his young pair of ponies before the marathon and only started with his more experienced pair.
Cristiano Cividini drove a nice marathon with Aron L.


Source: Hoefnet

Progamme, startingorders and results

Foto: Krisztina Horvath/Hoefnet