• 25. 4. 2017

    Lipizzaners Enthral Miss China

    Yesterday, on 25 April, elegant white Lipizzaners entertained guests from China. Among them was Sally, Miss Tourism of China and film actress.
  • Lipica, 10. 4. 2017

    First born filly's name is Slava

    Just before the Easter holidays the first foal of 2017 was born at Lipica Stud Farm. This is brown Slava, a small and playful filly, which was named after her mother 641 Slava XVI, as has been the tradition for Lipizzaner fillies for centuries.
  • Lipica, 6. 4. 2017

    Famous Chef with a Special Surprise for the Foal Pluto

    The foal Pluto, who is the best assessed Lipizzaner foal in Slovenian private breeding, experienced a very special surprise for his birthday.