Triest, 13. 5. 2017

Lipizzaners at the Anniversary of Empress Maria Theresa

On Saturday, 13 May, on Grand Square in Trieste, our elegant white Lipizzaners from Lipica Stud Farm joined the celebration of the 300th birthday of the Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa, where numerous visitors admired the Lipizzaner tandem carriage.

Attracting a lot of attention, a pair of Lipizzaner mares drove ladies in luxuries dresses, the same as Lipizzaner carriages drove lords centuries ago in Trieste, at the Viennese court, and elsewhere across the Habsburg Monarchy.

The event ‘Mosaic of Cultures in Trieste’ will take place until 21 May. In tribute to Empress Maria Theresa they will prepare a range of presentations, exhibitions, and conferences.

A period of the Habsburg Monarchy was in fact of vital importance for the development of Lipica and Trieste. In this period, Lipica Stud Farm was operating as a stud farm of the Viennese court. The Lipizzaner breed as we know it today was formed at the time of Maria Theresa. From this period, two well-known classical lines of Lipizzaner stallions derive, namely Pluto and Conversano, of which visitors to Lipica can learn more about during a tour around Lipica.

In the 18th century, Maria Theresa changed the destiny of Trieste and gave it momentum for economic and cultural development. In this period, Trieste acquired free port, which gave it opportunity for developmental breakthrough. As such, Lipica Stud Farm and Trieste look to commemorate this rich historical bond.