Lipica, 5. 6. 2017

On Sunday, we will paint Lipica’s fences together

On Sunday, 11 June, the popular event of painting Lipica’s white fences returns to Lipica Stud Farm. Brushes, white paint, an invitation to try some Karst minestrone, and an attractive accompanying programme are already prepared for friends of Lipica.

Spring is a time of cleaning, landscaping, and also painting fences. Lipica Stud Farm has over 12 kilometres of standard white fences that are regularly maintained by Lipica’s masters in order to carefully protect over 300 white Lipizzaners. On Sunday, 11 June at 10:30, all who want to become a part of the big Lipica family and true masters of wood protection, can join them.

All who paint will be rewarded with a dish of Karst minestrone, a memorial brush, and a big discount to view all the most beautiful Lipizzaners. Most of all, they will be able to enjoy a pleasant gathering with live music, a varied accompanying programme, and grilled delicacies in the unspoiled nature of Lipica.

By painting a part of the fence, participants will enable the World Driving Championships for Pairs 2017, which will take place in September in Lipica, to be even more beautiful and glorious.

The company JUB, d.o.o. will supply the white paint, and therefore help the fence defy sun, wind, rain, and cold. The company’s experts will share some painting tricks with the participants, and the company Žima d.d. will donate the brushes.

The day will pass in the context of the attractive accompanying programme. Painting will be followed by a picnic and relaxed socialising on green meadows with a tempting culinary offer and sweet surprises. The youngest ones will be able to attend creative workshops, and see a circus performance together with their parents. Lovers of good wine will also be taken care of with Karst wine tasting. The entire event will be enriched by selected music.

On this day, all of the participants will be able to use an especially favourable ticket offer to visit Lipica Stud Farm and also to see the most beautiful Lipizzaners in the performance of the Lipica Classical Riding School at 15:00.

Since there are over 12 kilometres of fences around Lipica’s pastures, this event will also continue next year.