Lipica, 8. 6. 2017

Bill Murray’s Adventure Day in Lipica

Yesterday, American film actor and star, Bill Murray, together with chef Peter X. Kelly and businessman Emil Gaspari, visited Lipica Stud Farm.

American film actor and comedian Bill Murray yesterday experienced the adrenaline of the “horse rally” – a drive with a racing tandem. With a pair of white Lipizzaners and with the help of Lipica’s drivers, he drove several hell-for-leather laps with a racing carriage. The invitation to embark on this daring drive was the first surprise for him, but he accepted it immediately, and he experienced the power of the Lipizzaners in “full battle gear”. As such, he became a predecessor to the American national team that is coming to Lipica this September, to the largest equestrian event of all times in Slovenia – the World Driving Championships for Pairs.

The American actor was also especially enthused by the performance of the Lipizzaners, when they performed spectacular jumps of the school above the ground to the rhythm of the music from the film Ghostbusters, which made Bill Murray a household name. This visit was very fruitful, as Bill Murray also became a godfather to this year’s first-born foal Slava.

This global comedic legend experienced the sort of exceptional and adrenaline packed atmosphere that is anticipated in Lipica from 20 to 24 September, when there will be more than 66 drivers from 20 countries with over 200 top racing horses competing in the World Driving Championships for Pairs.

A rare and touching experience was also the meeting of a herd of breeding mares and their foals, since Bill Murray became a godfather to this year’s first-born foal, Slava. He brought apples and carrots to the herd as a treat. Slava’s famous future was determined at birth, since she inherited her name from her mother, as is usual for Lipizzaner foals.

Slava now has a famous godfather and Lipica again carries the name of Slovenia into the world with Karst cuisine and Teran wine. This time, the story of Lipica’s and Slovenia’s promotion was written with the help of chef Peter X. Kelly and businessman Emil Gaspari, in connection with photographer Joc Žnidaršič, who eternalised Lipica and the Lipizzaners in unforgettable photos.

Foto: Kobilarna Lipica / Mediaspeed