Lipica, 1. 5. 2020

Welcome back. Lipica Stud Farm is open for visitors again

We are pleased to announce that Lipica Stud Farm is open for visitors again. You can visit us every day between 10.00 and 18.00, except Monday. More than 300 Lipizzan horses are already looking forward to your visit. At the same time, we would like to inform you that we have adapted the tour of the stud farm according to the present situation - so that it is pleasant and safe for everyone - for you, our employees and Lipizzan horses. Welcome to Lipica again.

In order to ensure safety for all, the visits are subject to all the measures of the Republic of Slovenia and some specific preventive measures in force in the stud farm.

According to this, the children’s playground and some indoor areas remain closed. Visitors are asked to maintain a distance of at least two meters, both in front of the cash register and toilets, as well as on their walk through the park and throughout the visit to the historic core of the stud farm.

In many places, we have placed hand sanitizers, as well as hand and cough hygiene instructions. Face masks are mandatory in indoor areas, such as bathrooms and souvenir shops. The Stud Farm is open only for visitors with no symptoms of any acute respiratory syndrome.

Visitors are kindly invited to take enjoy a pleasant stroll through the Stud Farm, to experience its 440-year-old heritage and to relax while looking at Lipizzan horses, without staying in large groups in one place. The estate of a stud farm with more than 300 acres of meadows, pastures, tree avenues and other green spaces provides ample space for all.

Our tourist guides will be available for any information you might require, so please direct your questions solely to them and not to other stud farm staff. Please, follow carefully all written and other instructions of the guides. In these days, only independent tours are available. Guided tours are not available.

The stud farm stuff will disinfect the areas and surfaces, contacted by visitors come in contact, on a daily basis. Entry and exit from the stud farm will be enabled without any physical contact with the doors.

Please, don't touch or feed the horses.

The summer garden with its culinary offer and the souvenir shops will operate in line with the ongoing release of the government measures.

Dear visitors, please, observe all preventive and protective measures during your visit to Lipica Stud Farm. This will keep the doors of Lipica Stud Farm open to the visitors in the future.


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Independent tours of the stud farm: 10.00 – 18.00

Guided tours of the stud farm are not available in accordance with preventive measures enforced to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

Lipica Stud Farm is closed for visitors on Monday.

Tickets – special offer

Adults: 12 €

Children and young people up to 18 years: 6 €

Children up to 5 years: 1 €

Family ticket (up to 3 children and up to 2 adults): € 33

Additional activities

Carriage Rides: 11.00 – 15.00

Small carriage (up to 4 people): 15 minutes, 20 €

Shows with Lipizzan horses, official training, riding programmes and pony riding for children are not available yet

Information about the new schedule of the show, official training sessions, riding programmes and pony riding will be available in the coming days.


Refreshments are available at the Lipica Golf Course entry point. From Friday to Sunday, don't miss the culinary offer of the summer garden terrace.

The Hotel and at Restaurant Maestoso will remain closed in 2020, due to a complete renovation

Foto: Gabriele Boiselle / Edition Boiselle, Jošt Gantar, projekt VisitKras