• Ravne, 13. 10. 2014

    EAGALA seminary - on equine assisted psychotherapy and personal growth

    Lipica Stud Farm dislocated unit Ravne, where young Lipizzaner stallions are bred, hosted a group of psychotherapists and participants of an educational seminary of EAGALA - Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.
  • Lipica, 8. 10. 2014

    Linda Tellington-Jones was impressed by the large pastures of Lipica

    Two years after her last visit to Lipica the legendary horsewoman Linda Tellington-Jones paid a visit to the Lipica Stud Farm once again. The Acting General Manager of the Lipica Stud Farm dr. Boštjan Bizjak expressed a warm welcome to her and invited her to visit the historical centre of the stud farm. The world-famous horse therapist and founder of »The Tellington Method« was impressed by the large pastures of the Lipica estate, offering optimal living conditions to the herd of Lipizzaner mares and foals.
  • Lipica, 6. 10. 2014

    Information for the visitors – visits to Lipikum are not possible due to renovation of the stud farm

    In Lipica Stud Farm we started a large renovation of our stables and historical centre of the stud farm. With the renovation we will provide for better living conditions for our horses and a nicer look of the central area of the stud farm. We will also improve the tourist offer of the stud farm. The renovation will be completed by mid-December. During this period guided tours to the stud farm will be carried out following the regular timetable, but with a slightly different programme than usual. Visits to Lipikum – musem of the Lipizzaner will not be possible. Nevertheless we will do our best to make the guided tours a nice and pleasant experience for the visitors – an experience to remember.
  • Lipica, 5. 10. 2014

    Lipica Stud Farm hosted the international dog show "CACIB Koper"

    Lipica Stud Farm hosted the international dog show "CACIB Koper" on October 4th and 5th. More than 1.600 dogs of more than 150 breeds from 20 countries partecipated at the event.
  • Lipica, 23. 9. 2014

    The biggest renovation project in the area of the Lipica Stud Farm in the last decade has started with the renovation of the roof of the “na Borjači” stable complex

    On Tuesday, 16 September, the construction work of the biggest and most important renovation project in the area of the Lipica Stud Farm in the last decade started with the extensive renovation of part of the roof of the “na Borjači” stable complex – the project »1st phase of the comprehensive maintenance of the area of the Lipica Stud Farm: maintenance of the land and buildings in relation to the performance of tourist programmes« with a total value of one million euros.
  • Lipica, 14. 9. 2014

    Tavčar, Vrhovnik e Trebec - new Slovenian driving champions

    After the dressage and the marathon competition, the cones driving competition at the Lipica hippodrome on Sunday 14 September decided on the national champions in driving for 2014. Last year's champions in pairs defended their title. Thus in the more demanding L2 category, Miha Tavčar, who performs with the Lipizzaner horses 490 Conversano Samira XXV and 485 Conversano Wera XXII bred in the Lipica Stud Farm, climbed onto the highest step.
  • Ljubljana, 7. 9. 2014

    Neja Kogoj – national champion in dressage

    A week after obtaining the Alpe Adria Dressage Trophy, Neja Kogoj, the contestant from Lipica, also won the title of Slovenian national champion in dressage, with the Lipizzaner stallion 315 Conversano Allegra XLVI. The competition took place at Ljubljana’s hippodrome, and her performance on Saturday in the Intermediate I task and in the final freestyle to music convinced the ground jury, with a technically very correct and sovereign performance. She was happy to win the title of national champion in the member competition.
  • Dutovlje, 10. 8. 2014

    The 2014 Teran Wine Queen arrived at the venue of the 44th Teran and Prosciutto Feast on a Lipizzaner-driven carriage

    The 2014 Teran Wine Queen Katrin Štoka arrived at the venue of the 44th Teran and Prosciutto Feast in Dutovlje on a Lipizzaner-driven carriage from the Lipica Stud Farm today. Together with the newely crowned Katrin Štoka arrived the Slovenian Wine Queen Špela Štokelj. Like every year a lot of people came to see the parade.
  • Lipica, 2. 7. 2014

    Photo orders FEI CAI3*H1,H2,H4WCupQ CAI3*P1,P2,P4

    We inform the respected drivers that the photos, taken by the top equine photographer Gabriele Boiselle at the FEI CAI3*H1,H2,H4WCupQ CAI3*P1,P2,P4 will be available in the next weeks. We ask the drivers, who would like to order the photos, to fill in the form below and send it to pr@lipica.org.
  • Lipica, 1. 7. 2014

    The riders of the Lipica Stud Farm Quadrille are excited to perform at the celebration of the 500th jubileum of Europe's oldest state stud Marbach

    The Lipica Classical Riding School Quadrille has already arrived to the Marbach State Stud (Germany), excited to take part at the Festival of European Stud Culture on July 4th and 5th 2014. The festival will celebrate the 500th jubilee of the Marbach State Stud - the oldest European State Stud Farm and the 25th anniversary of the fall of the iron curtain.