• Lipica, 23. 5. 2016

    Important notice

    We hereby inform our respected guests that during the international dressage competition FEI CDI3*, from 26 to 29 May, access to the historic tree avenues in the central area of the stud farm will be limited. Because of this, we invite you to the international dressage competition taking place at the hippodrome.
  • Lipica, 22. 5. 2016

    The Day of the Lipizzaner – a Remarkable Tribute to Lipica and its Lipizzaners’ 436-yearlong Heritage

    Lipizzaner beauty, elegance and nobility impressed a large number of visitors to the Day of the Lipizzaner organised by Lipica Stud Farm and the Slovenian Lipizzaner Breeding Association to mark the 436th anniversary of the establishment of Lipica Stud Farm and its birthing of Lipizzaner Breeding.
  • Lipica, 18. 5. 2016

    The Day of the Lipizzaner on Sunday, 22 May, will be a tribute to 436 years of the Lipica Stud Farm and Lipizzaner tradition

    19 May marks 436 years since the Habsburg Archduke Charles II, son of Emperor Ferdinand I, purchased the Lipica estate from the Bishop of Trieste. This was the foundation of the future stud farm in Lipica. The day also counts as the start of breeding the Lipizzaner horse breed. Lipica Stud Farm and the Slovenian Lipizzaner Breeding Association will pay tribute to this historical event with the Day of the Lipizzaner on Sunday, 22 May.
  • Lipica, 16. 5. 2016

    Special Advantages for Visitors to the Lipica Stud Farm, Park of Military History Pivka and Škocjanske jame Regional Park

    In keeping with the Cooperation Agreement concluded between the Park of Military History Pivka, Škocjanske jame Regional Park, and Lipica Stud Farm, a special advantage is available for visitors of either park. From 16 May 2016, people who have visited either park can show their ticket – purchased within the last 3 months – at the entrance to Lipica Stud Farm, to take advantage of a 15% discount on tickets to the Stud Farm. Similarly, visitors to Lipica Stud Farm can show their ticket, purchased within the last 3 months, for a 15% discount on tickets to see the museum collections and exhibitions at the Park of Military History.
  • Lipica, 12. 5. 2016

    Cooperation Agreement for the New Growth of Tourism in the Karst Region

    The Škocjan Caves Regional Park, the Pivka Park of Military History, and the Lipica Stud Farm – three public institutions and leading players in the field of tourism in the Karst Region – will from now on cooperate even more closely. This is what has been written in the Cooperation Agreement, which was signed today in Lipica by the Director of the Škocjan Caves Regional Park, Stojan Ščuka, the Director of the Pivka Park of Military History, Janko Boštjančič, and the Acting Director of the Lipica Stud Farm, Boštjan Bizjak.
  • Lipica, 21. 4. 2016

    The Queen’s Lipizzaner to Perform at the Day of the Lipizzaner on 22 May

    On the 2016 Day of the Lipizzaner on Sunday, 22 May, visitors to Lipica Stud Farm will have another opportunity to see the Lipizzaner stallion 085 Favory Canissa XXII. Lipizzaner enthusiasts will be able to admire this beautiful horse just a month after today’s festivities celebrating the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Lipica, 13. 4. 2016

    Our Oldest Lipizzaner Celebrates His 30th Birthday

    Lipizzaner stallion 926 Favory Capriola XIV, Lipica Stud Farm’s oldest horse, celebrates his 30th birthday today. This stallion, born in Lipica on April 13th 1986, performed for many years as part of Lipica Classical Riding School’s presentations and official training sessions, his elegance admired by visitors from all around the world.
  • Lipica, 29. 3. 2016

    Visitors to the Lipica Stud Farm Impressed by the Premiere of Lipizzaners and a New Concept of Visits

    27 March 2016 saw the opening of this year’s high tourist season at Lipica Stud Farm. Selected Lipizzaner studs, led by the riders of Lipica Classical Riding School, completely impressed the spectators from Slovenia and abroad. The high tourist season in Lipica thus started with a well-visited premiere and positive feedback from all in attendance, who praised the new concept of visits to the stud.
  • Lipica, 21. 3. 2016

    Monteaura is born – this year’s first foal and the pride of the Lipica Stud Farm

    This Saturday, at around 7 in the morning, the year’s first foal was born on the Lipica Stud Farm. The filly Monteaura was born to the mother 437 Monteaura XXXII and father 144 Conversano Samira XVIII. Her birth brought heartfelt joy to all the caretakers of the breeding heard at the Lipica Stud Farm.
  • Lipica, 2. 3. 2016

    A historical success: The success of the Lipica Stud Farm in the second step towards registration on the UNESCO World Heritage List

    The traditional breeding of the Lipizzaner in the Lipica Stud Farm meets all the criteria and can be listed in the Living Heritage Register of the Republic of Slovenia. The Lipica Stud Farm received this answer, expressing full support for the registration on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, only a month after the formal application for registration on the national level that was submitted to the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum.