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Please note that the schedule of the summer garden may vary due to weather conditions, as it is located outdoors. In case of bad weather, the operating hours may be adjusted or it may close. Thank you for your understanding.
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 Guided tour
Guided tour
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* Return time may vary due to weather conditions and the unpredictable nature of the animals.
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Golf academy in Lipica

Information and reservations:
Golf academy in Lipica
About the Golf Academy

Situated in the shadows of centuries-old lime trees and oaks, near the clubhouse and directly by the golf course, the Lipica Golf Academy operates throughout the year, thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate.

It includes experienced professional instructor Marino Belac and Matteo Orru’, a member of the Slovenian and the Italian PGA.

The following facilities for practising strokes from all lies, stances and greens are available: putting green, green for practising short chips on grass or from a bunker, another green for practising short chips on grass, a driving range for practising long shots with irons, with indoor teeing areas enabling practice in all weather conditions. Lipica is one of the rare golf centres with as many as two driving ranges for practising long shots. The second driving range for long shots with woods and irons is the longest in Slovenia, and has teeing areas with natural grass on both sides.

The Academy attracts Slovenian beginner golfers, experienced golfers, and many guests from abroad, especially from Italy.

arrow Presentation of Golf for Beginners – Demo Day

For anyone interested in golf, but still unsure whether it would suit them or not, the Golf Academy has prepared a 50-minute introductory programme called the “Lipica Presentation of Golf for Beginners”.

We will introduce you to golf and Lipica’s golf facilities, demonstrate a few golf strokes and show you some of the basic moves, and at the end, you will have a chance to try your luck at golf.

If you like it, and we have no doubt you will, you will have a chance to join our family of golfers, enter golf courses and our golf club, and become a proper golfer in no time.

Golf is suitable for all ages, both genders, for families… basically for anyone looking to spend their free time in a quality way.
It is wrong to think that golf is just recreation and a sport for people who have money to spare. See for yourself that this is not the case, and that compared to other sports, golf is actually affordable, particularly for the youngest players.

The programme will be led by our experienced professional PGA instructors, Marino Belac and Matteo Orru’, a member of the Slovenian and the Italian PGA.

Date: Upon request.

arrow ABC Golf School

Your first two hours of golf, as a way to begin playing golf, and an active break during a seminar, congress…

What you get for the price:

– introduction to golf with a professional PGA golf instructor

– demonstration of golf strokes

– swing practice

– competition

– use of the driving range

– range balls

– rental of golf clubs


group: from 4 to 18 people

duration: 2 x 45 min

course dates: by arrangement

arrow Courses for Beginners – Slovenia Plays Golf

The Lipica golf course participates in the Slovenia Plays Golf 2016 project, where you can quickly, easily, and affordably learn the basics of golf and get a licence to play.
The course gives candidates basic information about the game, the golf course and the driving range, and teaches them the basic rules and terms related to equipment, footwear, clothing and etiquette. The practical part teaches you how to grip the club, address the ball, the three basic strokes – the putt, the chip, and iron shots, and familiarises you with the golf course and allows you to play par holes in the company of the course instructor.
After completing the practical part of the course, the participant must join one of the golf clubs in Slovenia, thereby gaining the right to participate in the theoretical part of the course (listening to the rules and golf ethics via Zoom). After everything is done, he obtains a license to play, which allows him to play 9 or 18 holes with a professional or club member who has an hcp of 36.0 or less and obtain an HCP.


Included in the course:

– 8 hours of practical training with a professional golf instructor
– range balls
– free golf club rental
– listening to the rules via Zoom
– leaflet explaining the rules of golf

arrow Golf Clinic

You can practice different golf strokes under the supervision of a professional golf instructor.

Intended for beginners, as well as experienced players.


Dates for beginners (HCP 54.0–36.0) – upon request

Dates for experienced players (HCP up to 36.0) – upon request


Course provider: Professional sports worker 2 or 3

Number of participants: groups of at least 4.

arrow Price List
Presentation of Golf for Beginners – Demo Day
5 €
ABC Golf School
Price per person
4 people
19 €
5–8 people
18 €
9–13 people
16 €
14–18 people
14 €

Reservation is required 5 days in advance.
Sports footwear is required.

Courses for Beginners – Slovenia Plays Golf
Price per person
Group of 3–4
129 €
Group of 5–8
99 €

Course dates: by arrangement

Golf Clinic
Price per person
90 minutes
20 €
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