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Opening of the Stud Farm
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Sales process


Pursuant to the 2023 Annual Plan for the Disposal of Lipizzan Horses adopted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Lipizzan horses owned by the Republic of Slovenia are in the process of being sold, and the sale procedures are beingg managed by Lipica Stud Farm on its behalf.

The horse are sold by bidding or to the highest bidder. This applies irrespective of the starting price.

Sales process

The sale is carried out by collecting bids on the online sales catalogue!

The online sales catalogue contains details of the horses with photographs and all the necessary information on the sales procedure.

THE COLLECTION OF BIDS STARTS AT 28. november, 2023 AND IS OPEN UNTIL 17. december, 2023 UNTIL 23:59

The general public – breeding and equestrian organisations, previous interested parties and buyers of Lipizzaner horses – are also informed of the start of the sale and the collection of bids for horses published and presented in the online sales catalogue.

The notice will include the date on which the collection of bids will start and the date and time at which the collection of bids will end.

The value of the bids submitted must be equal to or higher than the starting price. Bids lower than the starting price are not valid and will not be taken into account in the sale procedure.

After the closing date and time for the submission of bids, it will no longer be possible to enter bids until the next deadline for the submission of bids!


After the first round of bidding has been completed, we will review the bids submitted for each horse individually. For a horse that has received multiple bids, we will select up to five buyers who have submitted the highest bids, inform them of the highest bid submitted, and invite each of them to improve their bid by a specified date and time. We do not disclose the buyers to each other, nor the amount of the other bids.

After the second round of bidding, the horse is sold to the highest bidder.


Viewing and testing of horses


Viewing and testing of horses

During the bidding period, we will arrange several dates during which potential buyers will have the opportunity to view and test the horses offered for sale under the saddle.

Potential buyers will be informed of the possible dates for viewing and testing the horses by e-mail and/or the online sales catalogue and through certain online communication channels.

General information

Lipica Stud Farm reserves the right not to sell any individual horse for which bids have been submitted.

Lipica Stud Farm wishes to cultivate a good long-term partnership with the buyers of our Lipizzaners. We want satisfied buyers and therefore the sale will be transparent, containing and disclosing all information about the characteristics and health of the horse, including the identified character traits for each horse.

We want our Lipizzaners to find a good home where they will feel comfortable and where they will be a joy and pleasure to their new owners.

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