About us

The Lipica Stud Farm is the cradle of all Lipizzan horses in the world. Nowadays it is one of the most beautiful cultural and historical monuments of the Republic of Slovenia, its rich history reaching back to the year of 1580.

It has been boasting of the tradition of breeding and selecting pure-breed horses. In the 1960’s the Lipica Stud Farm established the Classic Riding School which still participates in worldwide equestrian events

It successfully combines the rich natural and cultural heritage of the unique karst setting with modern tourist offer.

In the recent years the Lipica Stud Farm has extended its activity and established a multi-purpose leisure centre comprising:

  • Hotels
  • Golf course
  • Mini Golf

In 2010 the Lipica Stud Farm celebrated its 430th anniversary.


The vision of the Lipica Stud Farm as the original stud farm of the Lipizzan horse is to become an internationally known equestrian centre operating in accordance with protected values of cultural landscape in the setting of the historically protected architectural centre and the karst landscape.

The Lipica Stud Farm will become a top-notch professional institution and the central Lipizzan stud farm in the world.


The mission of the Lipica Stud Farm is to ensure top-notch services in the field of breeding and riding of Lipizzaner horses as well as protection, preservation and development of the cultural and natural heritage.

A harmonised development of accompanying tourist activities and efficient use of the business potential are crucial for its efficient implementation. It should ensure a part of assets for the protection of primary contents and a part for the performance and development of other activities.