Activities and Programmes

Professional programmes

The Lipica Stud Farm organises numerous professional seminars in different fields of horse-riding and care.

The Lipica Stud Farm has a quality infrastructure, appropriate spatial and personnel potential and established cooperation with numerous home and foreign professional and educational institutions and the Equestrian Association of Slovenia, therefore we are planning to upgrade the present programmes by introducing verified programmes of education in the field of horse-breeding and horse-riding, particularly in segments in which there have been no verified programmes in Slovenia so far.

The Lipica Stud Farm has in accordance with its programme documents (Programme of safety and development in the period from 2002 to 2005) already begun with the activities for establishing the Equestrian Academy Lipica which will ensure simultaneous additional training of its personnel as well as breeders and owners of horses with its programmes in the field of horse-breeding and horse-riding.

Intensive cooperation with the Veterinary Faculty and the Biotechnical Faculty with which the Lipica Stud Farm cooperates in the implementation of professional tasks of the breeding programme and in different educational programmes (preparation of undergraduate and post-graduate theses, research projects) is planned in the establishment of the Equestrian Academy.

Professional training of riders and other personnel will also be implemented in cooperation and exchange of personnel among stud farms connected in the ESSA (European State Studs Association).

The Lipica Stud Farm enables the implementation of practical tuition for the students of the Biotechnical Faculty (BF) registering in the course of Zootechnics and students of the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana wanting to obtain more knowledge in the field of horse-breeding and riding.

In the field of study practice, international cooperation has been established with higher education institutions from France and Sweden where students come from for practical training for two or three weeks.

International activities

The Lipica Stud Farm is an active member of two important international organisations - LIF and ESSA.

LIF (Lipizzan International Federation) includes 25 acknowledged breeding organisations for the Lipizzanebreed from 21 countries of Europe, Northern America, Africa and Australia. The purpose of its operation is to establish international cooperation in the field of breeding of Lipizzan horses and a particularly important aspect is cooperation among national stud farms from traditional breeding countries.

The Lipica Stud Farm has been participating intensively in working bodies and all activities of LIF in the field of professional cooperation and preparing international projects as well as in the field of promotional activities.

ESSA (European State Studs Assembly) includes 17 stud farms from ten European countries.  The purpose of the operation is to connect European national stud farms in all professional fields, to preserve the stud farms and their activity and the breeds which are traditionally bred.

The members inform the European public and institutions about their mission to preserve cultural and natural heritage and professional breeding and riding subject matters which are promoted and developed.  The aim of ESSA is that the public and competent institutions would acknowledge these stud farms as European cultural heritage.