Breeding herd

The breeding herd of the Lipica Stud Farm includes animals which are classified into classical lines of stallions and classical families of mares according to their origin.

Classical lines of stallions and classical families of mares developed in the Lipica Stud Farm at the end of the 19th century.

Classical lines of stallions

  • Pluto (Pluto senior,1765)
  • Conversano (Conversano senior,1767)
  • Neapolitano (Neapolitano senior,1770)
  • Maestoso (Maestoso senior, 1773)
  • Favory (Favory senior,1779)
  • Siglavy (or. a. Siglavy senior, 1810)

Classical lines of mares

  1. Sardinia (Sardinia, 1776, Lipica) 
  2. Spadiglia (Spadiglia, 1778, Lipica)
  3. Argentina (Argentina 1767, Lipica
  4. Africa (Africa, leta 1747, Kladruby)
  5. Almerina (Almerina, 1769, Kladruby)
  6. Presciana/Bradamanta (Presciana, 1782/1777, Kladruby)
  7. Englanderia (Englanderia, 1773, Kladruby)
  8. Europa (Europa, 1774, Kladruby)
  9. Stornella/Fistula (Stornella/Fistula, 1771, Kopčani)
  10. Ivanka/Famosa (Ivanka/Famosa, 1754/1773, Kopčani)
  11. Deflorata (Deflorata, 1767, Frederiksborg)
  12. Capriola (Capriola, 1785 Kladruby)
  13. Rava (Rava, 1755, Kladruby)
  14. Gidrana (Gidrane, 1841, Lipica)
  15. Djebrin (100 Generale Junior, 1824, Babolna)
  16. Mercurio (60 Freies Gestuet, 1806, Radautz)
  17. Theodorosta (Theodorosta, 1870, Bukovina)

At the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century two new lines of stallions Tulipan and Inciato and numerous new families of mares – 14 Croatian families, 13 Hungarian families, 14 Romanian families and three families of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia developed in stud farms in Croatia, Hungary and Romania; (Annex 1. LIF establishing acts, Bruxeles 2001). After 1947 a new family Rebecca/Thais (Rebecca, Višnjevci) was formed in the Stud Farm Lipica.

The breeding core of the stud farm is defined by the Lipica Stud Farm Act. It comprises:

  • Six original lines of stallions, that is: Pluto, Conversano, Napolitano, Favory, Maestoso and Siglavy, namely, at least four stallions of each line, that is, at least 24 stallions; 
  • Sixteen classical families of mares, that is: Sardinia, Spadiglia, Argentina, Africa, Almerina, Presciana, Englanderia, Europa, Stornella, Famosa, Deflorata, Gidrana, Djebrin, Mercurio, Theodorosta and the new Slovenian family Rebecca, at least three broodmares of each family, that is, at least 48 broodmares; 
  • Foals until reaching the age of 4 years, appropriate for further breeding, which shall be confirmed by the Professional Council of the Lipica Stud Farm on the proposal of the Commission appointed by the Minister, competent for agriculture.