Slovenian Lipizzan Breeding Association

The Slovenian Lipizzan Breeding Association was established in 1991 as an organisation of breeders of Lipizzans. The Association has been closely cooperating with the Lipica Stud Farm and the public service in the field of horse breeding with headquarters at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Ljubljana since its establishment.

In 2006 the association was acknowledged as the breeding organisation holding the studbook of ZRLS for Lipizzans owned by the Members of the Association in cooperation with the Lipica Stud Farm.

Organised breeders and friends of Lipizzans participate in the Association. The Association is committed to making Lipizzan horses which can be used for work, sport and leisure and the purposes of tourist offer more popular.

Apart from its general tasks it also performs the tasks of the acknowledged breeding organisation thus achieving the aims of the breeding programme for Lipizzan horses.

The Association encourages organised breeding of Lipizzan horses, organises education for its members in the field of horse breeding, agriculture, veterinary field and thus introduces modern methods of expert work of breeders and other members in the field of horse-breeding. It also makes and maintains contacts with other professional organisations and associations home and abroad, non-governmental organisations and other interested public within the framework of the field of its operation. It achieves important goals in the promotion of Lipizzan horses as an indigenous breed of outmost importance for the Slovene natural and cultural heritage operating with the purpose of educating the members and general public about the protection of animals, culture and sport.

The Slovenian Lipizzan Breeding Association also has the status of a society operating in the public interest and was established to promote common and public interests in breeding Lipizzans in Slovenia.

The association’s headquarters are:

Lipica 5
6210 Sežana