Daily schedule
Opening of the Stud Farm
09:00 - 20:00
Summer garden
Please note that the schedule of the summer garden may vary due to weather conditions, as it is located outdoors. In case of bad weather, the operating hours may be adjusted or it may close. Thank you for your understanding.
Release of mares to pasture *
* Turnout time may vary due to weather conditions and the unpredictable nature of the animals.
 Guided tour
 Guided tour
Guided tour
Return of mares from pasture *
* Return time may vary due to weather conditions and the unpredictable nature of the animals.
Closing the stud farm
Daily schedule

Summer in Slovenia

The Harmony of Freedom and Beauty
Discover the Charm of Lipica!
Join us in the renovated riding hall for unforgettable performances of the Lipica Riding School

Welcome to the heart of Lipica in sLOVEnia, where tradition meets elegance in the newly renovated riding hall! You are invited to experience a unique show of the skill and beauty of our Lipizzan horses every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Surrender to the charm of authentic performances where you will learn about the rich heritage of the Lipica Riding School through the dance and harmony of horse and rider. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exceptional experience – perfect for families and horse lovers.

Visit us this summer and be enchanted!

Idyllic Environment in the Heart of Karst

Surrounded by natural beauty – lush meadows, forests, and the unique Karst landscape – Lipica Stud Farm offers an unspoiled corner of peace. Visitors can enjoy peaceful walks, admire the diversity of animal and plant species, and explore enchanting hiking trails. Lipica, as part of a nature park, emphasizes the importance of conservation and preservation of nature. This is a key element of Lipica Stud Farm, ensuring a healthy environment for Lipizzan horses and other animal species.

Caretakers of Beauty
Behind the Scenes of Working with Lipizzan horses – Where Tradition Meets Passion

In Lipica, it’s not just about extraordinary performances and training; the heart of our work is the people who care daily for the well-being and success of our Lipizzan horses. From riders, trainers, veterinarians to caretakers – every member of our team plays a crucial role in the life and development of these noble horses. Join us on an exclusive tour where we introduce you to our experts and their tasks. Discover how precision, dedication, and immense love for horses create the magic you witness in our shows. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the hidden heroes of Lipica and how their work contributes to preserving this magnificent heritage!


information and reservations
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica 5
6210 Sežana
Stud Farm Opening Hours
Every Day
09:00 – 18:00
How to Reach Us
Experience Lipica
Welcome to Lipica Stud Farm, a magical sanctuary where tradition, nature, and culture harmoniously intertwine. Here, you can discover the rich history and heritage of the white Lipizzan horses. Admire the picturesque landscape offering endless opportunities for leisurely walks and moments of peace. Enjoy a variety of cultural events, performances, and concerts that bring this prestigious venue to life. Lipica Stud Farm offers an unforgettable experience where beauty, elegance, and rich heritage come together.
“Lipica Stud Farm – where tradition, nature, and culture intertwine to create an unforgettable experience for everyone seeking to discover the elegance, beauty, and heritage of the noble white Lipizzan horses.”

Events in Lipica

30 – 31 August 2024
Championship for the Most Beautiful Lipizzan horse

We invite you to join us at the prestigious Championship for the Most Beautiful Lipizzan horses, which will take place on August 30th and 31st in the beautiful setting of the Lipica Stud Farm. This event will be an opportunity to see the most beautiful and noble Lipizzan horses from various countries competing for the prestigious title of the most beautiful among the beautiful.

15 September 2024
Lipica Stud Farm Day

Lipica Stud Farm Day will take place on 15 September 2024, marking a special occasion – the 444th anniversary of the stud farm. Visitors will enjoy a rich program that includes various activities for all ages. The event will celebrate the rich tradition and history of the stud farm, known for breeding Lipizzaner horses, noble white horses that are a symbol of Slovenian cultural and natural heritage.

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