Daily schedule
Opening of the Stud Farm
Release of mares to pasture *
* Turnout time may vary due to weather conditions and the unpredictable nature of the animals.
 Guided tour
11:00 - 18:00
Summer garden
Please note that the schedule of the summer garden may vary due to weather conditions, as it is located outdoors. In case of bad weather, the operating hours may be adjusted or it may close. Thank you for your understanding.
 Guided tour
 Guided tour
Guided tour
Closing the stud farm
Return of mares from pasture *
* Return time may vary due to weather conditions and the unpredictable nature of the animals.
Daily schedule

Lipica, A harmony of tradition, nature and culture

Passing the tradition down from generation to generation

Kobilarna Lipica is a historical center with a tradition of breeding white Lipizzan horses. Founded in 1580, it is the oldest stud farm in Europe. Traditional events take place every year, such as the “Lipican Day”, which this year marked 443 years. Lipica stud farm is an important part of cultural heritage.

Idyllic surroundings in the heart of the Karst

Lipica Stud farm is surrounded by natural beauty – plains, forests and Karst relief. This idyllic setting allows for peaceful walks in unspoilt nature. Visitors can admire diverse animal and plant species and go on magical hiking trails. Lipica is part of a nature park, which emphasizes the importance of nature protection. Nature is a key element of Lipica, which provides a healthy environment for the Lipizzan horse and other animal species.

Meeting place of art, music and dance with the history of horses

Lipica is an important cultural center where art, music and dance combine with the rich history and elegance of horses. Numerous cultural events, concerts and performances take place in the luxurious architecture and surroundings, which conjure up the charm and beauty of Lipica to visitors. With its artistic projects, Lipica Stud Farm hosts domestic and international artists who express themselves in a unique venue. Culture is closely linked to the tradition of the Lipica stud farm, which is its soul.

Experience Lipica
Welcome to Lipica Stud Farm, a magical haven where tradition, nature and culture intertwine. Discover the rich history and heritage of the white Lipizzan horses here. Admire the picturesque nature that offers the opportunity to relax and take walks. Enjoy the cultural events, performances and concerts that bring this prestigious venue to life. Experience an unforgettable and unique experience at Lipica, where beauty, elegance and heritage meet.
“Where tradition, nature and culture intertwine, creating an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to discover the elegance, beauty and heritage of the noble white Lipizzan horses.”
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