Trail riding at Lipica Stud Farm


The program lasts for 90 min, of which is 15 min to 30 min to prepare a horse.
Minimum age
Participants must be at least 15 years old.*
Mandatory equipment
Helmet is compulsory equipment regardless of age. By the age of 18 is mandatory also, a spine shield. Mandatory riding equipment are riding pants, riding boots and helmet.
Advance reservation is required at least 3 days before the program.
45 €

General conditions

  • For participation in the horseback riding program, a reservation is obligatory at least 3 days before the program.
  • The minimum age of the participants is 15 years.*
  • Prior riding experience* is required. Before going out on the trail ride, participants will be tested in order to check their riding knowledge and ability. If the personnel of Lipica Stud Farm determines that the rider’s knowledge and ability are lower than claimed during the reservation process, the rider will not be able to participate in the trail ride. In this case, refunds are not possible. If available, the rider will be given the possibility to participate in other riding programmes of the Lipica Stud Farm.
  • In the group can be maximum 5 riders.
  • The horses are medium height and not suitable for very tall and heavy riders.
  • The participants have to wear riding equipment (boots, trousers, helmet).
  • The use of the helmet is mandatory through the whole program. 
  • By the age of 18, the spin shield is mandatory.
  • Participants are asked to follow the instructions, given by personnel of the Stud Farm.
  • Safety rules must be followed. Each participant is co-responsible for their own safety, the safety of other riders in the group, horse's safety, the safety of other people and material resources.
  • The Lipica Stud Farm takes no responsibility for any injuries or accidents that might occur during the participation in the riding programme.

*Necessary previous knowledge and experience:

  • The rider has ridden at least 100 hours per year in the last two years;
  • The rider rides independently in walk, trot and canter;
  • The rider has got a solid balance and knows the correct use of aids;
  • A certificate from the national equestrian organizations or an equestrian club membership certificate is requested from the participants in the programme.

More information

T: +386 5 739 1696