We welcome you to the Museum of Carriages

Did you know that a man drove with a horse long before he first rode a horse in prehistoric times?
Have you heard that carriages covered the distance from Trieste to Vienna in only three days?
And that Lipizzan horses have been extremely prized horses for carriage driving for centuries?

At the Museum of Carriages, you can learn these and many other interesting facts from the times when carriages were the main means of transport, just like today's car.

All the carriages from the museum collection were driven along the tree avenues of Lipica. Some in every day rides from here to there, others at special occasions, when distinguished guests visited Lipica. You can also admire a carriage, which brought visitors from nearby Trieste to Lipica in the old times.

In the museum collection of carriages, you will also learn about their development. Over the centuries many craftsmen and inventors improved the existing types of carriages and invented new ones in order to ensure that the carriages were comfortable and safe.

We kindly invite you to explore the collection!