Avgust Černigoj Gallery

122 years ago, on August 24th 1898, Avgust Černigoj was born in Trieste. He is one of the leading figures of the Slovenian historical avant-garde. 

Avgust Černigoj was an extraordinary artist and the only Slovenian artist who studied at the famous Bauhaus School in Weimar, where he was in touch with some of the world greatest artists, such as Walter Gropius, Paul Klee, Vasilij Kandinski, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Oskar Schlemmer.

After returning to Ljubljana, Slovenia, Avgust Černigoj made a significant and invaluable contribution to the history of the Slovenian fine arts movement and was one of the leading figures of the Slovenian historical avant-garde owing to his personality and works of art. He was also a close friend and colleague of one of the most famous Slovenian poets and writers, Srečko Kosovel.

He spent the last years of his creative life in Lipica Stud Farm, on our unique green estate and among white Lipizzan horses. That is why he left an exceptional opus of his 1,358 works of art to Lipica Stud Farm. The selected works are on display at the Gallery of Avgust Černigoj, which was designed in the spirit of the artist by the group Novi kolektivizem. The tour of the gallery is included in the tour of the stud farm.

We kindly welcome you to explore the gallery!

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