The Karst and the surroundings

There are places in the world where the nature was especially creative when forming them. One of those is the Karst with unspoilt and unique natural and cultural heritage.

This stony landscape which used to be bleak and is today overgrown by pine and planted with vineyards is pleasant in all seasons. Rugged Karst surface is full of dolines and uvals where already our grandfathers had used each piece of fertile soil.  This is a world comprising the Karst wine-growing region where the vine Refošk produces a special wine Teran and colours the landscape in wonderful tones in autumn.

The Karst boasts of the greatest number of sunny days in a year in Slovenia.  This climatic characteristic enables plants with special aromatic features to grow here. Hospitable caterers use them in dishes prepared in accordance with old recipes and they can also be found in protected products and crops spicing up the culinary offer.

Bora wind which also creates a special climate has left a strong mark on the landscape and people. In winter this is a cold, dry and gusty wind and in summer a pleasant, refreshing intermezzo in the period of Mediterranean heat. The genuine Karst prosciutto which is appreciated home and abroad can be dried and cured only with the Bora wind blowing across the Karst.

The Karst landscape is intertwined with underground caves mysteriously inviting into silent depths.

The Bora wind and other landscape characteristics have influenced the formation of the cultural landscape and the type of settlements where the Karst architecture enraptures the visitor with picturesque greyness of limestone.

Botanical garden

Pollay tower

Srečko Kosovel

Forest educational trail Tabor

Urban educational trail

Centro didattico naturalistico di Basovizza

Karst wine road

Vilenica Cave

Military Museum Tabor

Village of Pliskovica

Škocjan Caves Park

Škratelj house

Village of Štanjel

Brkini fruit road