In the shadows of lime trees and oaks, near the club house and in the immediate vicinity of the golf course the “Lipica – Golf academy ” is located operating through the whole year due to its mild Mediterranean climate.

It includes professional instructors Zoran Petek a member of the Slovenian PGA , Andrej Kraljič a member of the Slovenian PGA and Matteo Orru', a member of the Slovenian and Italian PGA.

The Academy organises golf camps for the youngest and youth in general, offers individual hours, group hours, courses and exams for obtaining the permit for playing, courses for beginners and experienced golfers, tournaments for HCP with professional instructors for beginners and experienced golfers, PRO-AM competitions and introductory hours for those thinking about entering the world of golf, Lipica ABC Golf School…

The following wide, different practice ranges for practicing hits from all positions and greens are available: green for patting, green for practicing short hits with a bunker, another green for practicing short hits, a practice range for practicing long hits with irons with an indoor hitting place enabling practice in all weather conditions and a practice range for practicing long hits which is the longest in Slovenia and hitting is possible from two tees from both sides.

The Academy attracts Slovene golfers and many foreign golfers, above all from Italy and a very active Golf Klub Lipica enables membership without a fee, acquisition of a valid golf card, keeping HCP and participates in events, club tournaments, friendly meetings…  The members of the club and holders of annual tickets have numerous benefits and discounts in the golf shop Pro-Shop Lipica, on practice ranges in Lipica, on the golf course.

Welcome to Lipica, the world of golf in Lipica, welcome to the Lipica Golf Academy.

ABC golf school
Introduction to golf to beginner wit competition (2x45 min) 14 € - 19 €
4 persons 19 € PP
5-8 persons 18 € PP
9-13 persons 16 € PP
14-18 persons 14 € PP