Welcome to the protected area of ​​Equestrian Park Lipica

In 1996, Lipica Stud Farm was proclaimed a cultural monument of exceptional importance for the Republic of Slovenia. The protected area of ​Lipica Stud Farm, as part of the monumental whole under special protection, comprises a cultivated Karst landscape, a herd of Lipizzan horses, a building, and artistic heritage.

Welcome to Park Lipica, where you can enjoy the company of 300 white Lipizzan horses and:

  • Play in the children's playground.
  • Enjoy the culinary delicacies of the Karst region.
  • Explore historical four-wheel driving in the Carriage Museum.
  • Get ‘lost’ on the walking paths in the meadows and along the mighty tree avenues of our estate.
  • Find the unique Karst pond and ice-pit.


Motor vehicles (personal car, van, motorhome, motorcycle) * ...................... €3

Visitors without motor vehicles .............................................................. free

* By paying the entrance fee for motor vehicles, you make a significant contribution to the preservation of the Lipica cultural landscape and the nature-friendly development of Lipica Stud Farm as a cultural monument of exceptional significance for the Republic of Slovenia. We kindly ask you to place the certificate of payment of the entrance fee in a visible place in the motor vehicle.

WORKING HOURS: April - October between 9:00 and 18:00

PAYMENT: at the info & ticket booth of Lipica Stud Farm

CONSUMPTION: You can only redeem the entry fee at the ticket & info booth on the day of entry into the protected area and only for one of the following services:

  • STUD FARM: entrance to Lipica Stud Farm and show: the vehicle fee is fully taken into consideration as a discount on the purchase of a tour / show / training / carriage ride / riding / pony riding;
  • HOSTING SERVICES: visiting a protected area without entering Lipica Stud Farm: a fee of €1.5 is considered as a discount on the use of catering services;
  • HOTEL: all guests of the hotel are entitled to a refund of the fee.