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 Guided tour
Guided tour
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Daily schedule

The first foal of this year greets the world at the Lipica Stud Farm on International Women’s Day
March 8, 2024

At the Lipica Stud Farm, we are delighted with the birth of the first foal of this year. On Women’s Day, March 8, a little playful Neapolitano Dubovina XXXV came into the world. By June, another 27 foals will join the Lipizzan herd.

Little Neapolitano Dubovina XXXV, was born early in the morning, before sunrise. He quickly stood on his feet and began to drink his mother’s milk, now eagerly observing the world around him.

His well-being is constantly looked after by his mother 635 Dubovina XXXV. The father of the little colt is 562 Neapolitano Betalka XXVI, who will soon be admired by visitors to the Lipica Stud Farm in performances.

This year marks the third consecutive year that the first foal was born right on March 8, International Women’s Day.

The firstborn foal of this year’s generation, Neapolitano Dubovina, was born in the safe environment of the stables at Borjača, where all Lipizzan foals are born. Together with his mother, he will spend the first week in the birthing boxes, and then join the herd, which will be increasingly filled with playful foals and their caring mothers every day.

By the beginning of June, we expect a total of 28 foals in Lipica. Visitors will be able to first meet them in the courtyard of the stables at Borjača, and in the warm days of May also on the vast green pastures of Lipica.

The birth of foals is one of the most beautiful experiences for the employees at the Lipica Stud Farm, especially those who take care of them, and a motivation for further work.

The director of the Lipica Stud Farm, Mag. Tatjana Vošinek Pucer, accompanied the birth of the first foal of this year with the wish that, lively and playful – together with the Lipizzan foals – the awareness of the importance of the Lipica Stud Farm and our noble horses will grow.

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