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Daily schedule


Daily Visit to the Golf Course

Play a round of golf in the company of your friends or family. The course has 9 holes of medium difficulty that extend across the Lipica landscape. The layout of the course takes into account the natural features of the Karst, which is why you need to be careful not to drive your ball into a sinkhole or over a dry-stone wall.

Relax in the Nature of the Karst

In addition to horse lovers, the Lipica Stud Farm also attracts fans of sports and recreation activities. These include golf on a world-class golf course. The international Lipica Golf Club, with over 400 members, is active here and offers various activities.

“The Lipica golf course was built in 1989 according to the designs of Donald Harradine, a world-famous golf course architect.”

The Lipica golf course is the only course in Slovenia that is open throughout the year. It attracts not only Slovenian golfers, but also many foreign golfers, mostly from nearby Italy, Croatia, Germany, and Austria. It boasts picturesque fairways, and as a special feature of the Lipica golf course, as many as two driving ranges for practising long shots.

Professional Golf Instructor
Golf Academy
Other Activities
Lipica Golf Club

In 1989, Lipica enriched its tourist offer with a new 9-hole golf course, driving range, putting green and pitching green. The Lipica Golf Club was also founded in that year and initially only had 10 members, and was the third club in Slovenia, besides GK Bled and GK Ljubljana. Today, the club has more than 400 members.

Hold Your Own Tournament

Holding your own tournament is a great opportunity to prepare a unique and remarkable experience for your business partners or friends. Every year, over 40 sponsored or private tournaments are organised in Lipica. Take a look at the conditions and allow us to design an unforgettable business experience for you.

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