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Summer Friday Music Evenings – Boštjan Pertinač band

August 28, 2023 at 19:30

A charming Karst troubadour and the first beard of the Slovenian music scene. Boštjan Pertinač is certainly one of the most promising young singer-songwriters, persistently conquering radio stations and Slovenian hearts with his distinctive musical style and typical Karst dialect.

Boštjan Pertinač is undoubtedly one of the most promising young singer-songwriters currently conquering the Slovenian music scene. The native of Sežana, who in the past has already won us over with songs such as ‚DAJ POVEJ MI‘, ‚PIHI BURJA‘, and ‚SUHI ZID‘, most recently also performed at the prestigious 40th Melodies of the Sea and Sun festival, where he sang about mysterious blue eyes with the song PLIMA in the Karst dialect.

In case someone still doesn’t know, … Sz Sežane doma is the latest single by Karst singer-songwriter Boštjan Pertinač, which also announces the album of the same name. The song describes all Karst goodies from Teran to Jota.

Boštjan is a singer-songwriter, singer, guitarist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who, in addition to his solo career, also runs his own music school Pertinach and workshops for the elderly. The fact that he became a true Karst troubadour is in fact thanks to Gaber Radojevič, who gave him a crucial piece of advice ‚BE YOU!‘ when listening to the song ‚Daj povej mi‘. Thus, he began to use his native Karst dialect in his texts, which also suddenly gained him greater media recognition. His good friends Marko Loredan, a renowned Primorska bassist, and Italian singer Daniel Nealy Renner, also played an important role.

In times of change and challenges brought by COVID, he made the decision to return to his native Karst after 10 years of living in Nova Gorica, which turned out to be key for his solo career. „I fell in love with it. When I came back to my home environment, to the company of locals, I got new inspiration and new momentum. The love for Karst and Karst landmarks such as barren red earth, stone, wind … all these characteristics make us Karst people as we are and I try to capture this in my music.

The event is free. In case of bad weather, the concert will be held at the Hotel Maestoso.
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