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Taste and Experience Spring in Lipica

With the arrival of spring days in Lipica, we open our doors to new experiences and the feelings of awakening. In this magical time, when nature comes alive in all its beauty, we have prepared a special offer for you that combines the best of Lipica. It includes selected elements such as spring menus and unique opportunities to experience the culture and tradition offered by our wonderful location. March in Lipica brings a special atmosphere, where relaxation, culinary delights, and unique moments intertwine. Join us in this special time, as we embrace spring together and all the wonderful opportunities it brings.

Embrace Spring
A Unique Experience in the Heart of Nature

Our exclusive ‘Embrace Spring’ package invites you to experience the magic of awakening nature and the unique culture of Lipica.

The package includes:

  • 1x overnight stay with breakfast
  • 1x free entry to the Lipica Stud Farm
  • 1x official training of the Lipica Riding School, on Saturday morning at 11.00
  • free rental of e-bikes
  • 1x carriage ride (15 minutes), the exact time of reservation must be determined upon arrival at the hotel
Restaurant Week
From March 15th to 26th

In the heart of idyllic Lipica, Gratia Restaurant awaits you with a unique culinary experience that will mark Restaurant Week from March 15 to 24. For a special price of 26 € per person, you will have the opportunity to choose between two exceptional menus: Sea or Land, promising unforgettable flavors and selected ingredients of local origin. Join us in this magical period, where you can taste superbly prepared dishes and embark on a culinary journey through sea and land, anchored in tradition and innovation. Don’t miss this opportunity for an unforgettable taste experience!

Other Events

04. – 07. July, 2024
National obstacle jumping championship

Watch the performances of Slovenian competitors and horses who will participate in the first equestrian competition of the year at the Lipica Stud Farm, the competition for the 2024 National Obstacle Jumping Championship

More information:
19. maj, 2024
Lipizzan Day

The biggest spring event celebrating the jubilee of 444 years of breeding magnificent Lipizzan horses and the founding of the Lipica Stud Farm!

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