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Green Key – Sustainability at our Core

Green Key
Hotel Maestoso – Sustainability at our Core

Nestled amidst nature, where the whisper of trees and bird songs prevail, Hotel Maestoso welcomes you not just with a promise of a relaxing getaway but with a commitment to sustainable and responsible hospitality. As a proud holder of the Green Key label, we surpass traditional tourism standards by integrating sustainable principles into our operations.

What do we offer within our sustainable practices?
  • Conscious Waste Separation: Hotel Maestoso prioritizes the environment with systematic waste separation, ensuring materials are properly recycled and reused.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Our operations are designed to minimize our impact on the environment, which includes utilizing renewable energy sources and reducing water consumption.
  • Encouraging Sustainable Choices for Guests: We offer you the option to join our efforts by choosing a stay without room cleaning, earning you a discount of 5.00 EUR on your entire stay. *Applies for a minimum two-day stay.
  • Sustainability-driven Partners: We collaborate with partners and suppliers who share our passion for sustainability, ensuring the products and services we offer align with our sustainable principles.
  • Continuous Improvement: We recognize sustainability as a journey and constantly adapt, learn, and seek new ways to enhance our environmental footprint.

At Hotel Maestoso, we are dedicated to preserving nature while providing you with an unforgettable staying experience. We thank you for making a choice that cares not only for your comfort but also for our precious planet. Welcome to our sustainable haven!

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