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Opening of the Stud Farm
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Slovenian Cup – Show Jumping

14. – 16. April

Slovenian Cup
Show Jumping competition

From the 14th to the 16th of April, the Equestrian Show Jumping competition will take place in Lipica. The Slovenian Cup is one of the most important equestrian competitions in Slovenia, attracting top athletes from all over the country.

The competition will last for three days, and participants will be judged on their ability to jump over obstacles placed at different heights and distances. Each competing pair will have a limited amount of time to complete the course, with the goal being to do so as quickly and accurately as possible.

The Slovenian Cup Show Jumping competition in Lipica is a chance for fans to witness top-level equestrian sport and follow the best athletes in the country. Additionally, it is an opportunity to socialize with horse enthusiasts and learn more about equestrian culture.


Lipica has a rich history in equestrianism, making the upcoming show jumping competition a great opportunity for visitors to learn about the sport’s culture and traditions. In addition, Lipica boasts a beautiful environment that provides a unique and picturesque setting for equestrian events.

The Pokal Slovenije competition in show jumping, held in Lipica, promises to be an exciting event for both competitors and spectators alike, so it’s definitely worth attending if you have the chance.

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