Daily schedule
Daily schedule

Re-establishment of breeding

After 1947, the Lipica Stud Farm re-established its breeding activity, created a classical dressage riding school, and through the systematic use of the bred horses in harness, ensured that the horses’ working ability was tested in the traditional manner prevailing at the time.

The Lipizzan horse breed has a small and dispersed population, which is why it is considered extremely endangered, not only in terms of maintaining a satisfactory number of animals for the necessary genetic diversity, but particularly in terms of maintaining breed characteristics. This breeding programme therefore includes the cooperation of the Lipica Stud Farm with other stud farms in traditional horse breeding countries, and all other breeding organisations, in designing and implementing an internationally coordinated core breeding programme, based on the agreements concluded so far within the LIF and on the insights gained from the COPERNICUS project.

The breed is spread throughout the country, and in 18 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Australia.




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